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What Short Stories Can Teach You About Novel Writing

This year for uni I've been writing a lot of short stories. It's been a bit of a shock to the system, and is something I still need to practice to get right. Ever since I was young I've always written long stories, enjoying building the world or setting up character arcs. I've been in… Continue reading What Short Stories Can Teach You About Novel Writing

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Ways To Get Your Writing Into The World

Whether you write novels, short stories, non-fiction or poetry, your goal could be publication. If it is, you'll experience the long journey of seeking an agent and securing a publishing deal. There are some great ways to get your writing out there in the mean time and, if successful, could provide you with some accreditation… Continue reading Ways To Get Your Writing Into The World

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Writers; Take your own advice that sounds like a bit of a rude title! I can ensure you that it isn't intended so! Nor do I intend, contrary to the title, to not offer you any advice in this blog post. It's just that my advice is...well, to take your own advice. Allow me to explain! Through here and instagram I am… Continue reading Writers; Take your own advice

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4 Reasons to Use Writing Prompts

Morning day dreamers, I hope you are all well. This past week has been very busy, I've had work every day for 8 hours, lots of uni studying to do and lots of other plans with family and friends. As such, I haven't had much time for working on my novel, however I am looking… Continue reading 4 Reasons to Use Writing Prompts

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I thought I’d lost it…

...the heart sinking moment I thought I'd lost my project notebook, and what I learnt from it. Morning, everyone! If you saw last weeks blog post, you'll know that I was in London last weekend! And while I was there, a truly wonderful exciting thing happened! My wonderful boyfriend, my rock, my greatest source of… Continue reading I thought I’d lost it…