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5 Books that made me a better writer

The end of the year is always time for reflection. I've had a rather slow couple of months in terms of writing, but I'm still persisting and am excited for what the new year will bring. As I look back, there are a number of things that have helped me, and continue to help me,… Continue reading 5 Books that made me a better writer

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Places All Writers Should Keep a Notebook

Notebooks, notebooks, notebooks. How many have we filled? And how many have we bought and not used yet?! As writers, notebooks are so important. They're great for jotting down observations and inspirations, for keeping ideas safe until you're ready to grow them, for moving your novel forward. As I writer, I'm obsessed with notebooks and… Continue reading Places All Writers Should Keep a Notebook

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The Perfect Writing Environment

Recently, I've been craving particular writing environments. A book shop in Edinburgh, a cute tearoom in a historic village, a bench by the sea... It's so easy to think of these places as the perfect writing environment, and sometimes I even find myself thinking I'll wait to write until I'm there, so that I have… Continue reading The Perfect Writing Environment

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Introducing my WIP: Vanishing Act

A big thank you to Lorraine Ambers for nominating me for the Round Robin game. Check out her blog post where she shares her own WIP, Mischief and Mayhem. The aim of this game is for writers to share some of their Work in Progress, and then encourage others to do the same. So at the… Continue reading Introducing my WIP: Vanishing Act

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4 Reasons to Read When You Have Writer’s Block

Writer's block. We've (probably) all been there. The words won't come, the ideas fall flat and your motivation falters to a halt. How to combat it? There are plenty of ways. One is simply to write anyway. You could try freewriting, or find a great prompt or go for a walk. And you could also… Continue reading 4 Reasons to Read When You Have Writer’s Block

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5 Reasons to Write in a Library

Writing time can be sacred, and it's not always easy to enjoy uninterrupted time. When I'm in need of dedicated writing time, I head to the nearest library. Here's five reasons why you should too. 1. Surrounded by published novels There's nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by published works. Imagining your own book sat… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Write in a Library

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Things Writers Should Take on Holiday

Yesterday, I set off on a 3 week trip to see various parts of Europe. As such, I had to plan carefully what I was going to take with me, especially for writing. Vacations should be time to rest, relax, have fun and experience new things, and you may choose not to write too often… Continue reading Things Writers Should Take on Holiday

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Synopsis Writing: A Step By Step Method

Morning writers, I hope you've had a lovely week. A couple of weeks ago I started writing a synopsis based on the early draft of my second novel. Like many writers, I find synopsis writing tedious, difficult and frustrating. However, they are a necessary evil, published or unpublished. The method I ended up using this… Continue reading Synopsis Writing: A Step By Step Method

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3 (More) ‘Must-Have’ Books for Writers

Good morning wonderful writers. December is upon us! I hope it is a great month for you all. Around this time last year I shared a list of three 'must-have' books for writers. And this year, with Christmas looming on the horizon, it seemed  a good time to share three more! Take a peek: 1.… Continue reading 3 (More) ‘Must-Have’ Books for Writers

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Finding Inspiration in Summer

Good morning storytellers and sun seekers! I hope you've all had a brilliant week. I've been thinking about how long it's been since I added to the 'Finding Inspiration...' series, and what with summer in full swing this seemed like an appropriate theme. There are loads of ways to find inspiration in summer, so I… Continue reading Finding Inspiration in Summer