Novel editing: How to fix a boring chapter

I try to keep each weekly blog post relevant to my own writing journey. This week, I struggled through the heart crushing moment of realising one of your chapters is BORING. It's tough to admit. I tried playing it down at first, but eventually I held up my hands. Because if the writer thinks it's… Continue reading Novel editing: How to fix a boring chapter


How To Fit Writing Around Your Full Time Job

Writing can be hard to fit in to your day, and many creatives are prone to procrastination. But sometimes the excuses are valid; work, school, children, housework...these are all things that need to be done. I started a new job 2 weeks ago, and the past fortnight has been mostly focused on settling in there,… Continue reading How To Fit Writing Around Your Full Time Job

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Novel Editing Mistakes to Avoid

Good morning, superstars. I hope you've all had a brilliant week. For me, it's been another week of editing. Does it ever end? With editing on the brain it seemed only appropriate for this weeks blog post to focus on editing. And so I've made a list of novel editing mistakes to avoid. Take a… Continue reading Novel Editing Mistakes to Avoid

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Review: After I’ve Gone – Linda Green

Last year I read Linda Green's "While My Eyes Were Closed" and really enjoyed it, rating it 4/5. I was eager to read After I've Gone as soon as I came across it and it has to be said, this is a 5/5 read from start to finish. Linda Green was born in London and… Continue reading Review: After I’ve Gone – Linda Green

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Review: Her Last Breath – Tracy Buchanan

I had been very excited for the release of Tracy Buchanan's new novel. I enjoyed her first two novels but absolutely devoured her third one, 'No Turning Back', which I simply couldn't put down. So, when she announced 'Her Last Breath' I just knew I'd buy it as soon as it was released. Author Tracy… Continue reading Review: Her Last Breath – Tracy Buchanan

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Review: Last Seen – Lucy Clarke

When I saw that Lucy Clarke was releasing a new novel I was overjoyed. Having adored all three of her previous publicised works I was hopeful for another summer read that I could devour...and she didn't disappoint! Lucy Clarke is a "novelist, traveller and fresh air enthusiast" (www.lucy-clarke.com/about) who writes from a beach hut in… Continue reading Review: Last Seen – Lucy Clarke

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Two Projects at Once – The Pros and Cons

Good morning, fellow writers! Today's blog post is about working on two projects at once, and the pros and cons of doing this. Be it two novels, a novel and a short story, a short story and a script or any of the hundreds of possibilities, I hope this post will help you (and me!)… Continue reading Two Projects at Once – The Pros and Cons