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M.L. Davis

M.L. Davis is a 27 year old writer from South West England.
Currently unpublished she works full time as a marketer and copywriter.
Always an optimist, she finds inspiration in books, music and the city of London.
She is currently seeking representation for her first novel, while working on writing her second.

The City Breathes With Us
The City Breathes With Us is a contemporary murder mystery/thriller.
It is set in London, and told from the perspectives of a homeless girl who finds a body in Battersea Park, and a detective with a guilty conscience.

Vanishing Act
When four year old Alfie’s mother disappears while he takes part in a magician’s street act, he’s left alone on the streets of Bath. With no-one but the bewildered performer, Austin, Alfie is desperate, afraid, and insistent on one thing: no police.
When Alfie goes missing too, Austin’s life is plunged into questioning and doubt, especially when he is arrested as the lead suspect in the boys disappearance. A year later, his life in tatters, Austin is shaken again as Alfie’s mother returns, demanding his help and refusing to answer any of his questions about the day she vanished…