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Hi, my name is Meelie and I am a 29 year old writer from South West England.
Currently unpublished (seeking agent representation), I work full time for the NHS and love every second of it.
I find inspiration in people, music, long train journeys, and big cities.
Optimist. Student. Adventurer. 

Work in Progress

For years, I’ve written thriller/crime novels. Now, I am working on something completely different, a story from as close to my heart as is possible to get. I am finding it a joyful challenge to write!

Behind the Front Desk
Behind The Front Desk is a contemporary drama inspired by secrets, suicide, and Springsteen. It is a tale of humanity, heroism, and hope.

When Tammy Drake accepts a job as a medical receptionist, she has two goals; don’t quit, and don’t let them know you’re dying. As she tackles the challenge, Tammy collides with three others, all harbouring secrets of their own. Abrasive patient, Matt, is sinking lower everyday, while refusing to tell his GP what’s really happening. Elderly Mrs Varma comes in daily, desperate for somebody to talk to. And Dr. James is struggling in silence, while doing all he can to save the lives of his patients…and his colleagues too.
As these four diverse personalities intertwine, they soar between dizzying highs, and plummeting lows.
Because they are all keeping secrets.
And it is only in revealing them that they may have a chance to save themselves. 

The City Breathes With Us (4)


The City Breathes With Us
When 23-year-old Nadia discovers the battered body of a man in Battersea Park, she is left shaken and desperate for home. With nowhere to turn but the streets of London, Nadia and her troubled best friend, Felix, are left vulnerable and alone. As an investigation unfolds, secrets and lies are exposed, and Nadia is forced to question everything she thought she knew about the family she loved and lost. Especially when CCTV footages emerges and Nadia’s estranged brother, Joe, is named the lead suspect.

The City Breathes With Us

Vanishing Act
When four year old Alfie’s mother disappears while he takes part in a magician’s street act, he’s left alone on the streets of Bath. Abandoned in the care of street performer, Austin, Alfie is desperate, afraid, and insistent on one peculiar thing: no police.
When Alfie goes missing too, Austin’s life is plunged into questioning and doubt, especially when he is arrested as the lead suspect in the boy’s disappearance. A year later, his life in tatters, Austin is shaken again as Alfie’s mother returns, demanding his help and refusing to answer any of his questions about the day she vanished…

The City Breathes With Us (1)

If We’d Been Friends
Info to follow…