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Writer’s block? Relax! Do something else.

Writer’s block is a somewhat contentious concept. Some believe it is a real hurdle in the writing journey, others might say it is simply procrastination. I guess, as with many elements of writing, there is not right or wrong answer. Each writer is different.

Personally, I think it’s a thing. A block in the mind, and giant stop sign that you can’t get past until the time is right. But as soon as your brain figures it out, you wonder why you even struggled in the first place. But how do you get that ah-ha! moment? Pushing through and writing anyway can work sometimes, but other times you need to breathe. Be kind to yourself.

Do the things that don’t require too much effort. The things you can do while daydreaming.

I’ve jumped many of my writing hurdles, by taking some down time to relax. Writer’s likely have a number of other hobbies, but this is about doing the things that don’t require too much effort. The things you can do while daydreaming. When you allow the mind to be free of pressure, inspiration and ideas will drift into your subconscious. Here are some of my favourite things to do:

When you allow the mind to be free of pressure, inspiration and ideas will drift into your subconscious.

Colouring is a great way to relax, while allowing your mind the freedom to dream. It doesn’t require as much concentration as actually drawing, and it’s soothing filling in the lines. As you do so, this will not only help you to relax, but you’ll find ideas spring to mind too. You can also get colouring apps on your phone or tablet.
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Going for a walk
Remember, the trick is to relax. Strenuous exercise may not be the best for that, but for some, walking can be easy. Getting outside can clear a cluttered mind, and the fresh air and outside world are good for you. You don’t have to plan a route, you can let your feet guide you, and keep your head free for imagining.
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Listening to music
Having music on in the background is common, in many aspects of life. But laying down and doing nothing but listen to music can be freeing. You might focus on the lyrics and the rhythm at first, but as you let yourself relax your mind will respond to the stimulation and you will drift off into a daydream.
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People watching
A personal favourite. What could be easier or more relaxing than sat in a comfy chair, in a coffee shop window, drinking a hot drink and eating cake? Not a lot! People watching is the ultimate way to stimulate your mind into daydreaming. You’ll wonder what people are saying, what music they are listening to, where they bought their clothes or where they’re going. And as you do, your brain conjures up mini stories. It’s no surprising this is such an effective way to kick the writer’s block and get your imagination flowing.
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What do you do when you’re struggling with a block? When do you do the most daydreaming? I would really love to hear your thoughts so please comment below.

Until then,
Keep dreaming,

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12 thoughts on “Writer’s block? Relax! Do something else.”

  1. Is there a term for the opposite of writer’s block? I have a million ideas for a novel I’ve recently started but I can’t write near fast enough to catch up with my mind! Lol. Anyway, great post idea. I’ll keep it in mind when I do finally write down everything.

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